Fall Migration is on!

Many of our local breeding birds are finishing with their nesting for this season and that means molt! Molting is when birds replace their worn feathers with fresh new ones. Sounds exhausting, right? It is! Some birds will travel to a secluded area to molt in peace. Feathers are made out of protein, so the birds are still gobbling up insects and high-protein foods. 



Bird Friendly Coffee Sampling - Saturday, November 2nd at 8am

One of the 7 Simple Actions to help bring birds back is to switch to drinking shade-grown coffee. So, we will be opening EARLY and providing free cups of bird friendly, shade-grown, organic coffee!

We're celebrating Birds and Beans, a coffee company that grows its beans deep in Latin American forests while preserving the habitats that sustain native birds. Dr. Mark McReynolds of Birds and Beans will do a presentation at 10:00am about the environmental benefits of bird friendly coffee.


Creating Beautiful and Wildlife-Friendly California Native Gardens - Saturday, November 9th at 2pm

One of the 7 Simple Actions to help bring birds back is to plant more native plants. Whatever the state of your garden, learn how to make it more inviting to wildlife by planting a few tried and true native plants. This talk will cover everything from plant selection to how to plant to maintenance tips. Dr. Cynthia "Cia" DeMartino will be presenting in the store at 2pm.


Bird Walk at Ventura Settling Ponds - Saturday, November 23rd at 9am

We will be having a Bird Walk on Saturday, November 23rd at 9am. All bird watching skill levels are invited to join as we revisit the Ventura Settling Ponds. We should see herons, ducks, warblers, terns, and maybe a surprise or two. The ponds are located on Angler Court over near the Ventura Harbor. You can park on Angler Court across from the gate. If that area is full please park at the Harbor and walk over to meet us at the gate at 9am.